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Facts About Hawaii

Hawaii is a unique state which you realize, when you read these facts about Hawaii. There are some very interesting facts about Hawaii. These facts reflect the versatility in the culture and geography of the Hawaiian Islands.

• Hawaii is in itself a whole mountain range under the sea. The Hawaiian Island is made up of 130 undersea mounts, islets, island and atolls which are together one large mass of land – the majority of which is beneath the sea – which was formed as a result of the eruption of volcanoes under the sea thousands of years ago.

• Hawaii is one of the most isolated inhabited lands on the planet, as it the region which has the farthest distance from the nearest neighboring land in all directions. Hawaii is 4900 miles from China, 2390 from California, 5280 from the Philippines and 3850 from Japan which the mass of land closest to it.

• An amazing fact about Hawaii is that it has its own time zone, which is the Hawaiian Standard Time. Their time is around two hours behind Pacific Time and nearly five hours behind Eastern Standard Time. Hawaii does not have daylight savings time.

• Hawaii is the United States’ only producer of coffee beans which is used in making coffee. It contributes to one third of the world’s supply of pine apple supply – impressive since it forms only less than one per cent of the total surface area of the Earth.

• There are eight main islands in Hawaii – Niihau, Oahu, Kauai, Maui, Lanai, Molokai, Kahoolawe and Big Island of Hawaii. Each of the eight main islands is represented by a different flower and color. Niihau is represented by the flower Pupu shell and white (Keokeo in Hawaiian). Kauai by Mokihana (otherwise known as Green Berry) and purple (Poni in Hawaiian) and Oahu is represented by Ilima (flowers from the Mallow family of plants) and yellow (Mele Mele in Hawaiian). Molokai is represented by Kukui (flower of the Kukui nut tree) and green (Omaomao in Hawaiian), Lanai by Kaunaoa (a species of parasitic plants) and Orange (Alani in Hawaiian), by Hinahina (Spanish moss) and grey (Ahinahina). Maui is represented by Lolekani (rose hybrid called Damask rose) and pink (Akala in Hawaiian) and lastly the Big Island of Hawaii by the Lehua Blossom (a flower endemic to the island) and Red (Ula Ula in Hawaiian).

• The entire island of Niihau is owned by the Robinson family. The Robinsons came to the Hawaiian Isles, which was called the Sandwich Islands then, in 1863. They came here in search of farming land so that they could support the farming needs for family and the future generations to come. They formed good relations with the king at the time- King Kamehameha IV. Not finding land in the now Big Island of Hawaii, they thought of moving to California. However, the king offered them Nihau which they bought for a price of $10,000 dollars worth of gold on the 24th of January, 1864.



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